DR.EASY Bio-Tech (Hefei) Co., Ltd., a member of  DR.EASY GROUP  is one of the leading and fastest growing professional manufacturer of baby wipes and wet wipes applications in China.

We are a Private Label Manufacturer and a member of PLMA. Our products ranges from Baby Wipes, Personal Care, Household, Pets care, Auto care ,Medical care & various Industrial Applications. We currently manufacture over 350 different private label SKU’s for worldwide customers.

DR.EASY is a ISO 9001:2008,FDA, CE, GMP, BRC, Certified company, We maintain a  fully equipped laboratory for micro-biological/bio-burden testing. Our R&D Technological expertise can take any new product ideas from the concept stage to design of manufacturing process & equipment that can meet the most challenging requirements.

Our facility in Hefei stands as a symbol of our emphasis in quality, consistency and efficiency in providing the best value in wet wipes manufacturing. We are trying to build ourselves to be your best reliable global partner in wet wipes manufacturing in China.

We also have build  the cooperation of technology with Anhui University, ChinaTechnology University and Hefei Industrial University. Our workshops are built according to GMP standards. Our automatic production lines can meet different requirements of package. We welcome OEM, ODM & OBM projects from all over the world!